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From the producer: "Ripe and smoky, the nose on this cider is classic bittersweet apple: apples left in the orchard, roses, dust, honey, bacon, leather, and damp leaves. The mid-palate is thick, rich and textured. In the finish, chalky tannin dominates with dried apples and woodsmoke."

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Eve's Cidery Autumns Gold
Sparkling and semi sweet cider with aromas of bosc pear, peach cherry blossom and nectarine. This is a burst of juicy and round ripe fruit with some minerality on the back end. 

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Finger Lakes Cider Honeoye
Baked apple, ripe pear, aromatic and autumnal feeling with golden apple and quince. The palate is medium dry with apple, yellow plum, cinnamon and nutmeg with good tart acidity. This is clean, not heavy but richly flavored and lightly effervescent. A portion of this cider has crab apples in it, so the little sweetness is nicely balanced.

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Finger Lakes Cider House Plants Trees CAN
A champagne method style cider with  a moderate bouquet of blueberry and blackcurrant and blackcap notes, yellow soft baked apple and some lime zest. The palate is semi-dry and crisp with soft tannin structure there is some ripe peach flavor and cherry pit. There is a distinctive crab apple grip to the finish and is tart and approachable. 

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Finger Lakes Cider Pioneer
This dry cider is a blend of heirloom, bittersweet, bittersharp, sharp, and wild seedling apples. Clean and crisp, with green apple, citrus and passionfruit on the nose. White flowers, mineral and slate come through on the palate, finishing with chalky tannins and an edge of mouthwatering acidity. An incredibly generous pairing partner, this cider will enliven poultry, ham, squash bisques, and sharp cheeses.

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Redbyrd Workman Dry 2021
What an aromatic cider with golden apple, pear, and plum. The palate is soft and round with great texture and flavors that echo the aromas. This cider is delicious!

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South Hill Cider Goldwin
This cider is done in the traditional method and has some interesting aromatics that make this pear cider an ideal partner for food. There is some earth and herbs on the nose with golden apple. The palate is quick, and crisp, with lemon and savory notes.

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South HIll Cider Perry 2022
This is done with wild yeast fermentation and is done in a pet nat style. There is some sweetness to this cider, which keeps it balanced because there is honeyed notes mingling with herbs and soft ripe apple.

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South HIll Keeved nv
Vibrant and enticing aromas of ripe kiwi, cherry, and subtle notes of honeysuckle.  The mouthfeel is round with delicate bubbles. A touch of almond and sweet peach linger on the finish.  

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South Hill Old Time Cider
This cider is made entirely from wild pippin apples according to the traditional method, using wild fermentation. A precise and extreme example of terroir, it is aromatic and austere with aromas of citrus and sage. This is full and lively with hay, bergamot, and cucumber. The palate gives soft smoky earth flavors and minerality. 

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South Hill Packbasket 2019
Off all of South Hill ciders this one has more earthy and woodsy aromas. It begins with minerality and apple blossom with tart granny smith acid. The palate has a touch of honey and bitter grapefruit mingle with crisp tannins and long finish. 

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South Hill Patina 2019