What is a Demi-Sac?

Not everyone buys wine in cases, but we all like to save money. Therefore, we've created the "Demi-sac." Essentially it's a half case of wine, in a reusable wine bag, discounted even more than a case. Need a gift for the party host? Cooking yourself and don't want another detail to think about?

GET READY, GET 6, GO! Buy a demi-sac today!

With this 6-pack in your arsenal, you'll want to volunteer to provide the wines for Thanksgiving! It's the perfect mix to pair with traditional holiday fixings at a super-affordable price. We've chosen aromatic, round whites that will complement white meat and rich vegetables, as well as smooth, medium-weight reds that'll marry well with the myriad of flavors. Your food will shine from apertif to after-dinner conversation with this delicious, seasonal selection.

The Gobbler
We've picked out some special wines for your Thanksgiving festivities. If you'll be visiting someone else's home for the holiday, this makes the perfect gift to give your host. If you'll be in charge of the table, then rejoice in the fact that we've got the wines covered for you. These are a step up in quality and complexity from the Gobbler 6-pack and well worth the extra money for the added complexity. Happy Thanksgiving wine lovers!

We have 6-packs with various themes so that you can study a certain grape, wine region or aspect of wine tasting. Additionally, we always feature our monthly demi-sac which is filled with seasonal wines, usually geared toward an upcoming holiday, and meant to pair with the traditional foods of the moment.

Our demi-sacs hold many of our staff's favorites, and are delicious, approachable choices at a great savings.