What is a Demi-Sac?

Not everyone buys wine in cases, but we all like to save money. Therefore, we've created the "Demi-sac." Essentially it's a half case of wine, in a reusable wine bag, discounted even more than a case. Need a gift for the party host? Cooking yourself and don't want another detail to think about?

We feature a monthly demi-sac which contains six seasonal wines geared toward the current weather and upcoming holidays, and meant to pair with the traditional foods of the moment. Our demi-sacs hold many of our staff's favorites, and are delicious, approachable choices at a great savings.

GET READY, GET 6, GO! Buy a demi-sac today!

Our current demi-sacs:

Transition into Spring in full swing with our Waterfall demisac: two refreshing whites (a French Sauvignon Blanc and a blend from Portugal), an organic dry rose from Spain, and 3 reds (an organic blend from France, a rich Portuguese blend perfect for the first grilled foods of the season and a delicious Garnacha from Spain).