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A fruity nose of lime and melon with bold hints of fennel, white pepper and allspice. The flavors gravitate to ripe cantaloupe and anise while the minerality from the soft water is evident in the finish. This vibrant showstopper is beautifully soft and feminine, brewed by one of Japan's only female brewery owners and tojis. Brewed in Hiroshima, the birthplace of Ginjo sake, which is known for remarkably soft water that requires expert skill to use in sake production. Once mastered, it enables a highly controlled, precise fermentation, resulting in vibrant fruit aromas. This Junmai Ginjo is bottled immediately without charcoal filtering.

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Fukucho Moon on the Water Junmai Sake
From the Producer: " Aromas of white flower, Asian pear & steamed rice. Finishes elegantly with rich minerality and rice texture."

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Konteki Pearls of Simplicity
A subtle and soft sake but with complex rounded flavors. A wonderful one for sipping by itself. The nose on this flavorful Daiginjo is a collection of cherry, mango, tropical fruit, powder sugar and Marigold elements. It is supremely smooth and soft in a Kyoto water kind of way, and there is a very sublime flavor of pear, apple, and powdered sugar. 

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Konteki Tears of Dawn 300ml
This quaffable sake offers aromas of melon, citrus and rice with touches of umami and banana notes. It is creamy with good density and ripeness, giving fruit forward notes of melon, lychee, tropical rambutan and banana, along with touches of yeast and rice. You'll find this handy size to be delicious.

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Maneki Wanko Lucky Dog Sake Juice Box
From the Producer: "Soft, honey-laced notes with hints of smoked soy sauce and a mineral finish."

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Mantensei Star-Filled Sky Ginjo
This is a softly rounded and well-integrated sake that is fruit forward. In addition to the lemon custard, black pepper and papaya described by the sake brewery, you'll also find flavors of green tropical fruit, lime, white miso, jerk, kombu, tofu skin and salinity. 

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Shiokawa Nopa Junmai
Medium to full-bodied with good concentration and density. Bright apricot, pineapple and golden apple join with a savory chamomile note and a touch of honey in this creamy and lush, dry, impressive, organic sake.

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Uka Black Label Junmai Daiginjo 300ml
Fruity yet delicate with pleasant aromas of green apple, pear and hints of anise. There are secondary notes of pear, mint, and bright tropical fruit. The palate has some sesame seed, meadow flowers and is very easy and pleasing. Smooth dry and light on entry with honeysuckle, minerality, creamy apple and a long finish. This delicious, organic junmai daiginjo sake is delicious with food.

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Uka Purple Label Junmai Daiginjo 300ml
This is a very good sweeter style sparkling sake and would be ideal with salty food. The nose presents cream, pineapple and lychee fruit. The palate is floral with pineapple, nectarine and rambutan with an off dry palate that also delivers vanilla and marshmallow.

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Uka Sparkling Sake Junmai Daiginjo 300ml