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From the Producer: "This wine reflects the substance and diversity of southeast Seneca Lake. It fermented in both vats and old oak (228 liter Burgundy barrels and demi-muids) with indigenous yeasts for several months, as is typical of our wines. Combining aromas of mineral and fruit: mango, jasmine, flint, it delivers a balanced texture, straightforward while being both long and soft."

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Forge Cellars Dry Riesling Classique 2020
This Late Harvest Riesling is crafted in the traditional German Spätlese style, with natural sweetness balanced by lively acidity. The outcome is a wine with an elegant yet luscious nose, followed by a generous palate of crisp ripe stone fruit and floral notes, lingering into a long, naturally sweet finish. 4.3% residual sugar.

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Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard Late Harvest 2021
This Chardonnay is Kosher for Passover, Mevushal. Toasty, buttery aromas are complemented by flavors of lemon curd, vanilla, baked apple and pear. Medium-plus in body and length.

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Baron Herzog Chardonnay 2017


Rich yet medium-bodied, offering an exciting bouquet of berry, oak, earth and spice notes, with bold streaks of blueberry, raspberry, mocha and floral flavors. It finishes with an aftertaste of anise and cherries.

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Julia James Pinot Noir 2020


This starts with classic Riesling aromas, including pear, apricot and light minerality. The palate is rich, creamy and well-balanced. Flavors of green apple, pear, and light florality come together on the off dry palate, leading to a long finish.

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Dr Frank Célèbre Riesling Cremant NV
Seductive and shimmering, the light rosé color pulls you into its fragrant fruitiness. Strawberries and tart cherries circled by mouthwatering shale minerality completes this sunny and sophisticated wine.

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Dr Frank Brut Rose 2018


Rich and silky sake has layers of coconut, bananas and cream, a hint of fresh pineapple. This cloudy sake is a brew that has some of the original rice solids from fermentation incorporated into the liquid. This leads to a fuller bodied sake. This will pair well with very spice and strong flavors.

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Momokawa Nigori Sake 300 nv


This dry cider is a blend of heirloom, bittersweet, bittersharp, sharp, and wild seedling apples. Clean and crisp, with green apple, citrus and passionfruit on the nose. White flowers, mineral and slate come through on the palate, finishing with chalky tannins and an edge of mouthwatering acidity. An incredibly generous pairing partner, this cider will enliven poultry, ham, squash bisques, and sharp cheeses.

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Redbyrd Orchard Workman Dry Cider
Aromas of citrus and light yeastiness. On the palate notes of apple, lemon, caraway and light toast. It has a very creamy mousse. Interesting array of flavors and aromas. This cider is a home blend of 28% Golden Russet, 28% Bramley's Seedling, 28% Ellis Bitter, 8% Liberty, 6% Norther Spy, and 2% Golden Russet. It is organic and sustainably farmed. The cider is fermented in a Pet Nat style with no additional sulfur added at bottling. A local artist designed the label and 100% of all profits go towards the artist.

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Eve's Cidery Home Farm Pet Nat 2021

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The aromas are of pure maple with some wood spice and yellow plum. The palate is smooth and soft on the entry with a lingering black pepper spice. It has some yellow apple and bosc pear notes mingling with the black pepper.

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Penelope Bourbon
From Haus Alpenz Importer/Distributor: Averell is an exceptionally bright liqueur—the fresh-pressed juice of heirloom Damson Plums married to a botanical gin marked by juniper, warm winter spices, bay leaf and ginger. Delicious with seltzer, sparkling wine or ginger beer, in both hot and cold black tea, or on its own, over ice. The history of the Damson dates to the dawn of civilization. Prized by the Romans and Crusaders, its cultivation spread throughout Europe and later to the orchards of North American colonial settlers who appreciated its nervy character: rich, intensely tart and slightly bitter. The Damson stands today as an endangered variety from a bygone era.

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Averell Damson Plum Gin Liqueur
This bourbon is a beautiful, rose-brown color. Aromatics are of malt, citrus and light spice. On the palate, there are notes of apricot, vanilla, golden brown toast and a sweet maltiness. Very smooth with integrated alcohol.

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Angel's Envy Bourbon Port Barrel Finish
This is such a smooth whisky with aromas of peanut shells, baking spice but especially clove, some smoke and oak notes with baked apple and an almost peach essence. The palate is elegant with the taste and flavors being softer than expected. There is additional crème brulee and a baking spice finish.

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High West Rendezvous Rye 92 nv
The palate on this aromatic and flavorful gin echoes the aromas of fresh citrus, moderate juniper, and cucumber with a touch of peppermint. Well integrated and refreshing, the flavor complexity allows this gin to both stand alone well and mix for cocktails. 

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Conniption American Dry Gin
This rye gives you flavors of maple, orange, baking spice and vanilla that are sweet on the nose and more potent on the palate. 100 proof.

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Angel's Envy Rye Rum Cask Finished