Konteki Tears of Dawn Sake 300ml

Tasting Notes
A subtle and soft sake but with complex rounded flavors. A wonderful one for sipping by itself.
The nose on this flavorful Daiginjo is a collection of cherry, mango, tropical fruit, powder sugar and Marigold elements. It is supremely smooth and soft in a Kyoto water kind of way, and there is a very sublime flavor of pear, apple, and powdered sugar. 
Daiginjo and Junmai Daiginjo class sakes must meet a rice polishing minimum of 50% (although many producers polish much further). This style is considered the ultimate luxury and is classically elegant and fragrant, with low levels of acidity and umami.
From the Producer: Brewed in the same way with the same ingredients as Pearls of Simplicity but with a touch of distilled alcohol to open up aromatics and lighten the overall impact. Konteki means “dew drops of the earth” while Higashiyama (the brewery name) translates to “eastern hill.“ Brewery workers have been known to start their days watching the sun rise over the mountains until the dew drops glisten as if they were the Tears of Dawn.
Derived from:
Rice (Sake)
$21.00 each