South Hill Cider Baldwin 2019

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Tasting Notes

This cider is bright, crisp and mouthwatering with grapefruit and lime, apples, pears, and kiwi share the aromas and flavors with light minerality. The bubbles are pronounced but do not take over.


South Hill Cider was founded in 2013 by Steve Selin who has been making small batch cider in the Finger Lakes since 2003. The orchard is located just four miles south of Ithaca Commons, and has been protected through a conservation easement that will ensure the land is protected from subdivision and development into perpetuity. Selin’s orchards also host American Guinea Hogs – who till the orchard earth and nibble on the roots of small plants thus controlling competitive weeds.

Steve collaborates with neighbors in the Finger Lakes and beyond, in order to reclaim and maintain heirloom apple trees, often bring life back into forgotten orchards in need of love and care. This can even include harvesting apples from feral trees that have grown up from seed as entirely unique DNA mashups of their parent trees. In addition to crafting fine ciders some labels are handmade letterpress labels, becoming their own kind of collector’s items.

This is made using the Champagne Method with the second fermentation in the bottle. It is bone dry. 

Food Pairing Suggestions

Brunch Foods, Charcuterie, Cheese, Fondue, Ham, Just for Cocktailing, Pork

New York , Finger Lakes
Derived from:
100% Baldwin Apples
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