Redbyrd Cider Celeste Sur Lie 2017

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Tasting Notes


There are four types of cider apples: bittersweets (high in tannin, low in acid), bittersharps (high in tannin and acid), sharps (low in tannin, high in acid) and sweets (low in tannin and acid, aromatic).  Dessert (eating) apples and crabapples are also used.  Cider apples are higher in sugar than “eating” apples, generally 13-18° Brix (a measure of sugar; wine grapes are harvested at 20-24°); “eating apples check in at 12-14°.  Blends are made prior to fermentation based on harvest date and the correct pH for healthy fermentation as well as after fermentation for tannin balance and flavor subtlety.  Ciders can be still or sparkling.  Sparkling ciders can be bottle conditioned, getting their bubbles from a second fermentation in the bottle much as Champagne does; these have a Champagne cork.  They can also be force-carbonated, bottled under a crown cap, as beer is.

Redbyrd is the project of husband and wife team, Eric Shatt and Deva Maas; their biodynamic orchards and cidery are located in Trumansburg.  Eric is a Pennsylvania native who began experimenting with fermentation at the age of 15.  He studied agrobiology at New Mexico State.  He returned east, landing in the Finger Lakes in 2002.  He’s had a variety of jobs: head winemaker at Ventosa, vineyard and nursery manager at Wiemer, and manager of Cornell orchards and research farm (a job he still holds).  Deva is a Finger Lakes native from a winemaking family with a degree in sustainable agriculture.  She’s worked as fishmonger, cheese turner, massage therapist, and more; she currently teaches kindergarten.  Their farm is home to sheep, geese, and their three sons.  The first trees were planted in 2004; they started a second orchard in 2011, and now grow 60 varieties of apples.  They’ve discovered and propagated a number of wild apples that go into their ciders, and they also use European and American cider apples.  All their fruit is hand harvested.  Celeste sur Lie is made using the Champagne method.  The cider spends 24 months on the lees in bottle before it is disgorged.


Floral aromas with flesh fruit, Asian pear and quince. The nose does have a softer citrus note that comes forward brightly on the palate! The flavors present as preserve lemon balanced with light floral notes, brioche, lemon curd and honeyed pastry.


Try this with a cheese plate including Brie, Cheddar, Livarot, Muenster,and Pont L’Eveque.  Sweet or savory crepes are good partners.  Roast pork loin with apples or rabbit cooked in cider are good meat choices (the Piggery has both).  Spicy foods also work well, as does strong seafood. Enjoy with roasted root vegetables and hearty soups.


Food Pairing Suggestions

Brunch Foods, Cheese, Grilled preparations, Ham, Hearty stew, Pork, Roasted Root Vegetables, Spicy Food, Vegetables

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