St Cosme Hominis Fides 2018 2018

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Tasting Notes

Château de Saint Cosme ‘Hominis Fides’ - Red 2018 Gigondas Very old mixed plantings of Grenache on Miocene limestone sand in the ‘Hominis Fides’ named vineyard. Whole cluster fermentation. Twelve months’ ageing: 20% in new casks – 50% in casks used for one wine - 30% in casks used for two to three wines. My father had spotted the huge potential of this site back in the early 1960s. Of course, this was not an era when the whys and wherefores of vineyard sites were examined in detail, but the sound appraisal of a seasoned winegrower could be trusted. Hominis Fides has always been one of the best named vineyard sites, irrespective of the vintage: great terroirs override vintages. When geological History with a capital H meets the relatively short-term history of small human winegrowers, the result is a kind of enigmatic soul-searching: what is the meaning behind all this? Why does this soil created 11 million years ago by a sea that swept inland inspire little ‘worms’ like us on the long-term scale of time? Hominis Fides always displays a unique depth, but in a vintage like 2018, it is tinged with finesse and freshness. The tannins always achieve finesse with disconcerting ease. Although this is a Grenache vineyard, Hominis is also home to a lot of Aramon, Alicante, Carignan and even grape varieties whose names I am unfamiliar with... Our predecessors liked to mix plantings and add diversity: it helps flowering, makes the wines more complex and “irons out” the excesses of certain vintages. Sometimes, before travelling far and wide looking for knowledge, trying to understand what our predecessors did and taking a closer look at what is in front of our very eyes is enough.

Rose, liquorice, iodine, pepper

Bottled unfiltered.

Food Pairing Suggestions

Charcuterie, Duck, Grilled preparations, Ham, Hearty stew, Lamb, Pork, Red Meat, Slow-smoked Barbeque/BBQ Sauce, Tomato Sauce

France , Gigondas
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$140.00 each