Greenhook GinSmith Gin & Tonic Cocktail (200 ml can)

Tasting Notes

In the mood for a highball? Never has a Gin and Tonic been easier or more enjoyable!  Greenhook Ginsmiths have taken their award-winning American Dry Gin and combined it with the perfect amount of homemade tonic, all in a can that makes it easy to imbibe.  Made with the utmost quality and with correct proportions in mind, the Gin & Tonic Can is carbonated throughout at 45 PSI—tested by Greenhook and found to be the optimal carbonation level for an enlivened gin and tonic.  Not only is the tonic bubbly, but the gin itself is carbonated, so as not to go flat when diluting with ice.  At 12% ABV, this G&T is sessionable and ready for any outdoor fun.  Greenhook’s mission is to change the perception of a flat, hum-drum gin & tonic to something invigorating and adaptable to any number of occasions. Pop the top and enjoy!


This comes in a 200ml can for $5. You can buy a 4-pack for $20 by increasing the quantity to 4.


Usa , Brooklyn, NY
$5.00 each