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When searching for a spirit, it may be helpful to refine your search by looking up the category of liquor that you want. For instance, type "bourbon" in the search box. If you have any questions, can't find what you need, or would like to place a special order, please give us a call at (607) 330-1056. Cheers!


This brandy based orange liqueur is dryer on the palate than Gran Marnier, and almost a bit creamy.

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Prunier Orange Liqueur 700ml
This 10-year cognac is not in the style of charred barrels and boozy alcohol. Rather it is gentle, refined, restrained, pure, quaint and wine-like. The flavors are lively, fresh and youthful with hints of orange, salt, stone, laurel and sugar-crusted cookies.

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Fanny Fougerat Laurier d'Apollon 2010