Eve's Cidery Autumns Gold

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Tasting Notes

The Finger Lakes region of New York State produces exceptional apples because of its mineral rich glacial soils, intense summers and crisp autumn nights.  Eve’s Cidery, nestled in the hills of the Finger Lakes takes advantage of these flavorful apples by fermenting traditional cider apple varieties to create their sparkling cider.   Although not certified, they are committed to organic farming.   The champagne method (secondary fermentation in the bottle) is used to create a fine bead and elegant texture.

Food Pairing Suggestions

Cheese, Chicken/Turkey, Ham, Hors d'oeuvres, Perfect Aperitif , Roasted Root Vegetables

New York
Derived from:
100% Fruit (Hard Cider), English bittersweets Dabinett, Bulmer’s Norman, Major, Ellis Bitter and Somerset Redstreak, balanced by Golden Russet, Akane, Goldrush and Idared
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$21.00 each