Meyer Fonne Edelzwicker 1L 2019

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Tasting Notes

Pear, quince, light floral aromas especially orange blossom, soft almond notes and some nectarine are enticing. This nearly off-dry wine has a round texture balanced with refreshing acid. The palate provides jasmine, some orange peel and subtle peach flavors that are enjoyable alone or with food.


Located in northeast France, Alsace stretches over 110 km north-south.  The area is protected from westerly winds and rain by the Vosges Mountains; its average rainfall is among the lowest in France.  Vines are planted on hillsides facing east and south at between 200 and 450 meters above sea level.  There are over 20 soil types, including limestone, gypsum, clay, silt, sandy-gravel, granite, and sandstone.  Ninety percent of the wine produced in white.

The first record of wine production in Katzenthal dates to 1264.  The Meyer family didn’t arrive until 1961, and acquired vineyards in several parcels.  Félix and Francois Meyer run the operation, with Félix taking the lead.  All vineyards are farmed organically, with much of the plowing done by horse to avoid soil compaction.  Vineyards are planted at high densities of 4500-5000 vines per hectare and can reach up to 8000 vines per hectare in the steepest vineyard sites. Guyot training is used but may be double or simple depending on each individual vine. Meticulous de-budding helps control yields, so green harvesting is rarely necessary. Sulfur, copper, and other organic products are used to treat the vineyards, and homemade compost from byproducts of organic agriculture is used to fertilize the poorest soils.

Grapes are gently pressed for 4-10 hours, and then the must is left for 24-36 hours to allow the heavy lees to settle. It is fermented in stainless steel and kept on its lees for about 8 months before bottling.

Edelzwicker is a term used in the Alsace for a blend of any grapes allowed within the AOC. There is no grape minimum; the different varieties may be vinified together or separately and the mention of vintage is optional.

Food Pairing Suggestions

Chicken/Turkey, Cream Sauce Pasta, Fish (white), Pork, Spicy Food, Sushi, Thai or Vietnamese

France, Alsace
Grape Varietal:
60% Pinot Blanc, 15% Muscat, 10% Riesling, 15% Chasselas
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