Antxiola Txakolina Blanco 2020

Tasting Notes

This light bodied white is fresh and crisp with slight zippiness. It is citrusy with lime, lemon, and tangerine notes along with touches of green apples, salinity, chalk, minerality and white flowers. Its razor-sharp acidity is cleansing and perfectly refreshes the palate.


Antxiola (pronounced ahn-cho-la) is a txacoli wine made by Bodegas Zudugarai. The winery was founded in 1989 the same year that the DO of Getaria Txakolina was founded. The Errasti family has been growing grapes and making wine from these vineyards for over 40 years working with the local varieties of Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Beltza. The vineyards and winery are near the coast line among rolling hills at about 90 meters above sea level.

The name Antxiola refers to a famous fortified home in the nearby town of Orio that was part of the walls fortifying the town. A rendering of that home is on the label of this wine. Admiral Antxiola was one of the most famous owners and written records of the house date back to 1555 – but we know the house is older than that.

The sunniest and windiest slopes are the ones planted to vines so that the grapes can get ripe and also remain dry and avoid fungal and rot issues. All work in the vineyards is done by hand including harvest. The farming is organic. Fermentation takes place naturally in stainless steel tanks using indigenous yeasts over a period of about 20 days. The wine is then bottled while young to retain some of its natural effervescence.

Food Pairing Suggestions

Fish (white), Green Salads, Hors d'oeuvres, Perfect Aperitif Wine, Shellfish

$18.00 each