Tozai Well of Wisdom Ginjo 300m

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Tasting Notes
This sake is quite tropical with watermelon, pineapple, honeydue melon and a little bit of lemon. If you are looking for a sweeter style with a bit of tartness this is a tasty soft and silky one for you. 
Ginjo and Junmai Ginjo class sakes must meet a rice polishing minimum of 60% (although many producers polish much further). This style is generally a great balance of vibrant fruit and floral aromas with acidity and umami. 
Kyoto is one of the oldest areas of sake brewing, and the second-biggest sake producer by volume in Japan after Niigata. The Fushimi region in particular has a rich sake legacy, thanks to its access to the Horikawa River, which meant sake cargo could flow freely out of the area; its access to Kyoto aristocracy, who made up the bulk of the sake market until the end of the Edo era; and its supply of the pristine Gokosui underground spring water found in the area. If you visit Kyoto today, go check out the wooden kura (brewery warehouses) off the charming streets of the Fushimi district.
What to expect: Smooth and silky, slightly sweet and fragrant
Other Region
Derived from:
Rice (Sake)
$15.00 each