Saint Cosme Cote-Rotie 2018

Tasting Notes

Saint Cosme – 2018 Côte-Rôtie 100% Serine (ancient variety of Syrah). Whole cluster fermentation. Schist in the Le Plomb, Besset, la Viaillère and Neve named vineyards. Twelve months’ ageing: 30% in new casks – 70% in casks used for one wine. Down through the years, I have tasted a broad selection of the many marvels the Rhone can offer, and I often wonder if this schist area in northern Côte-Rôtie (localities such as Viaillere, Grandes Places, Neve and Plomb) isn’t the greatest vineyard site in the Rhone valley. Because a top wine by Marius Gentaz or Albert Dervieux can go the distance with any superlative Rhone wine... I have always had a profound love for this location, which has the ability to produce everything you would expect of a consummate wine: character, site-expressiveness, aromatic complexity, texture on the palate and balance. And ultimately - drinkability, pleasure, emotion and the chance to share. 2018 is a great vintage in the northern Rhone – I have no hesitation in saying so. The Côte-Rôtie this year displays superb density and depth, yet never loses its tell-tale “ethereal” character. More than ever, whole cluster fermentation defined the vintage style. Ripeness was perfect in 2018 – admittedly challenging vintages have all but disappeared in the northern Rhone. Enjoy this 2018 with beef and truffles.

Smoked ham, violets, graphite, cold ashes, liquorice.

Bottled unfiltered

Food Pairing Suggestions

Ham, Hearty stew, Lamb, Mushrooms, Pork, Red Meat, Roasted Root Vegetables, Slow-smoked Barbeque/BBQ Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Wild Game

France , Rhone
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