Philemon Croix d'Azal Gaillac 2018

Tasting Notes


Domaine Philémon is located in the northeastern quadrant of the Gaillac appellation. The Vieules family has had a vineyard in this area since 1804. Today the vineyard is run by Mathieu Vieules who, in addition to growing grapes, also grows wheat and sunflowers, all of which are farmed organically. The vineyards cover 20 hectares (50 acres) on calcareous soil planted almost entirely to traditional Gaillac varieties: Loin de L'oeil, Mauzac, and Muscadelle for the whites and Braucol (Fer), Duras, and Jurançon Noir for the reds. Many of the vines are over 50 years old, producing low yields of incredibly flavorful grapes that are all harvested by hand.

The Croix d'Azal is produced from a one-hectare vineyard which Mathieu planted in 2003. The wine is made from 100% Braucol, also known in the region as Fer or Fer Servadou. The word "braucol" is from the root word "brau" which in the local dialect signifies taureau, the bull.


Aromas are of earth, barnyard and dark, macerated cherries. The wine is medium to full bodied with rich, dark fruits of blackberries, black currants and integrated savory earth and mineral notes. The fruit stays fresh, never heavy or jammy, and the wine is ever-so-slightly zippy with silky and seamless tannins. Overall, it’s unique and tasty.


Try this red with lamb, beef,  duck, cassoulet, or short ribs. You can enjoy it with braises, gravies, bean dishes or caramelized vegetables. It would also be at home with a pan of lasagna, a tomato-based stew or chili.

Food Pairing Suggestions

Duck, Grilled preparations, Hearty stew, Lamb, Red Meat, Slow-smoked Barbeque/BBQ Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Vegetables

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$15.00 each