Mollydooker The Boxer 2018

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Tasting Notes

Dusted cocoa and both red and black plum. Blueberry compote and some tobacco notes with more oaky delicious char. The palate shows more bramble fruit and baking spices with black licorice and black pepper. 



Wine Spectator: 90 points - Juicy notes of ripe black cherry and spiced plum are thick and velvety, oozing with details of baking spices, tobacco and Earl Grey tea on the finish. Concentrated and complex. The thick tannins add some charm. Drink now through 2030.


While it is true that the greatest strides in Australian winemaking have come in the last 30 years or so, commercial viticulture began as early as the 1820s and has developed uninterrupted ever since. The majority of the great wineries are in the southeastern area of the continent, with the Barossa Valley, Claire Valley, McLaren Vale, and Coonawarra in South Australia, the Yarra Yarra Velley and Pyrenees in Victoria and the Upper and Lower Hunter Valleys in New South Wales. Many of the wines from Southeastern Australia are based on Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon and various blends including Grenache and Mourvedre. While many equate Aussie wines with "value", there are more than a few extremely rare and pricey options, which never fail to earn the highest ratings from wine publications and critics throughout the world. 

Sarah and Sparky Marquis (pronounced Mar-kwis) have been making wine for 25 years, but this amazing husband and wife team moved to crafting Mollydooker wines exclusively in 2005.  Mollydooker is Aussie for left-handed, and both members of the dynamic duo are, of course, left-handed.  The couple has approached winemaking by starting in the vineyard.  Growers for Mollydooker employ the trademarked Marquis Vineyard Watering System.  This vineyard management philosophy stresses canopy balance and strong, healthy vines using a carefully timed watering regimen.  The resulting grapes are then scored for Marquis Fruit Weight.  Marquis Fruit Weight™ is the measurement of how far back on your palate you find the "velvet glove" fruit before the structure of the wine is exposed (measured in percentages since everyone's tongue is a different length.) The higher the Fruit Weight, the more intense and rich the flavors are in the finished wine. This grading system involves numerous tastings during the winemaking process to determine the wine’s final bottling destination.  Only wine graded 60% or higher is accepted for Mollydooker labels. 


Food Pairing Suggestions

Cheese, Grilled preparations, Just for Cocktailing, Mushrooms, Pizza, Red Meat, Roasted Root Vegetables, Slow-smoked Barbeque/BBQ Sauce, Tomato Sauce

Grape Varietal:
$32.00 each