Carmelo Patti Malbec 2015

Tasting Notes
Complex aromas of ripe red fruits as well as floral notes and spice. On the palate this wine is rich but not heavy with sweet red fruit, a hint of spice and mocha. The tannins are there but are not intrusive and the finish is long.
The high altitude vines of Mendoza, Argentina, receive a relatively elevated amount of sun along with relatively cool air temperatures.  These conditions result in increased water stress and thus ideal tannin maturity at harvest.  Mendoza’s growing area receives less than 10 inches of water per year, but it benefits from the availability of controlled irrigation water supplied by the year round snow melt of the Andes.  Soils vary but are predominantly loamy, and drainage is excellent.  Most soils are low in organic material which adds to desirable vine stress.  As an added bonus from high altitude and desert-like conditions, vineyards rarely face the pests and diseases other countries must manage.  Thus, herbicides and pesticides are only occasionally necessary and can therefore be used sparingly.  
Carmelo Patti was an important force for the rebirth of fine wine production in Mendoza in the eighties, and he is to this day one of the most respected enologists and winemakers in Argentina. He defines his winemaking style in three words “no consultants, no manipulation, no pretentions.” Carmelo simply does what he does best, and wine-loving consumers beat a path to his door. He recommends on holding all wine until he deems it ready for release which can be 4-5 years after harvest at the soonest for reds.
The Malbec grapes are fermented with native yeast, aged in concrete for 6 months and then moved to French oak (mostly used) for an additional year.


Food Pairing Suggestions

Grilled preparations, Lamb, Red Meat, Slow-smoked Barbeque/BBQ Sauce

Argentina , Mendoza
Grape Varietal:
$36.00 each