Malma Pinot Noir Finca La Papay 2023

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Tasting Notes

Red strawberries and ripe fruits are attractive on the nose. On the palate, this wine is medium weight with classic cherry fruitiness, vanilla, and light spices on a smooth and elegant frame


Patagonia is the southernmost winemaking region of Argentina. It is one of the country’s best spots for vine growing and has emerged as a top-quality wine-producing region.  One of the characteristics of this region is that, due to being located at 39 degrees south, the winters are intense and summer nights are cool, producing a slow ripening of the grapes and the perfect combination of sugar, acidity and concentrated aromas.  Another distinctive feature of the region is the wind, which helps keep the vines healthy as well as thickening the skin of the grapes.

Malma translates to pride in the language of the Mapuches, an ancient indigenous tribe of Patagonia. The name conveys the philosophy of all who work there to make world class wines with Patagonian character.  An empty river valley just a few short years ago, the San Patricio del Chanar Valley was identified as an ideal locale with the combination of soil and available water, which is always a challenge in this desert with almost no annual rainfall.  Several intrepid entrepreneurs began to develop this site in 2001 as an eventual rival to Mendoza. The winery itself is buried into the earth (ala Opus One) to best maintain the humidity and the temperature necessary for making world class wines.  Owners Luis Maria Focaccia and Lucas Nemesio rolled the dice as pioneers in the rapidly growing wine region of Patagonia.  Over ten million dollars have been invested in this property, which is an unheard of sum for an Argentine winery start-up.  The winery was purchased in 2009 by the Viola and Eurnekian families, who have dedicated themselves to developing the Patagonian winemaking region.

The estate-grown grapes were hand harvested, with a further manual sorting at the winery. Fermentation occurred in tank at controlled temperatures between 26-28º C, followed by 15 months’ maturation in French and American Oak for 9 months


Food Pairing Suggestions

Cheese, Chicken/Turkey, Fish-full flavored (salmon/tuna), Ham, Hors d'oeuvres, Pork, Roasted Root Vegetables, Vegetables

Argentina , Patagonia
Grape Varietal:
100% Pinot Noir
$14.00 each