Abbazia di Novacella Lagrein 2016

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Tasting Notes
In the glass this wine is ruby-red to purplish-red with light violet tones in color. A scent of cherries, berries, cocoa, and violets emerges on the nose. The wine is medium-bodied and velvety, revealing more red cherry, coffee and on its finish hints of dark chocolate.
Trentino-Alto Adige is a cool-climate wine growing region located in the northern corner of Italy bordered on the northeast by Austria and the northwest by Switzerland. The region, which is nestled in the foothill of the Alps has a complex cultural history, in part due to its location among the three nations and in part due to its history of changing governance between Austrian and Italian control. Today it is its own semi-autonomous state that boasts a blended and international cuisine made rich by its unique history.  Viticulture in Trentino-Alto Adige is challenged by the Alpine climate and mountainous region grape growing conditions where the majority of vineyards stretch up the steep mountainous terrain.
Lagrein is one of the cool-climate red grapes native to northern Italy, and is traditionally produced into a higher acid and tannic wine. In the Alto Adige the grape thrives under the steady hands of Augustine Monks that founded Abbazia di Novacella in 1142. The Abbey holds a priceless collection of art, relics, and a nearly 20,000 volume library (the collection of which includes two Guttenberg bibles). They have three key vineyards- one that surrounds the Abbey and brings in the estate’s white varietals, and two lower vineyards down in the warmer regions of the Alto Adige valley, where the Lagrein and other red grapes are grown . The winery produces nearly 50,000 cases a year.
Fermentation takes place in stainless steel punch-down tanks and lasts approximately. 15 days. This is followed by malolactic fermentation and maturation in 60 hl oak casks for approximately 6 months. The juice is fermented with both native and selected yeasts.


Food Pairing Suggestions

Charcuterie, Cheese, Mushrooms, Pork, Red Meat, Roasted Root Vegetables, Tomato Sauce, Vegetables

Grape Varietal:
Other Red, 100% Lagrein
$22.00 each