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From Importer: "This is an exciting, modern fruit-driven wine. Packed with passionfruit, tangerine, and gooseberry flavors. It has a tangy mouthfeel and and long, smooth finish."

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Dreamfish Sauvignon Blanc MAG 2019
This Georgian variety gives aromas are of apple, dried herbs and hay while the medium-plus bodied palate displays nice ripeness with apple, apple skin, quince and peach fruits. These are balanced by savory hay, chamomile, white pepper and wildflowers before concluding with a citrusy finish.

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Marnaveli Rkatsiteli 2021
Pronounced aromas of Granny Smith apple, Bosc pear and raw almond are evident on the nose. This is a medium-bodied, dry wine with refreshing acidity, fruit forward flavors (including green melon and apple) and notes of chalk, mineral and savory herbs.

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Tikves Belo Special White 2020


Made in an Old World style with moderate extraction, this wine displays a balance of complex aromatics and flavors including plenty of ripe black fruits and candied fruits along with hints of sandalwood and earth.

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Alain Graillot Zenata Syrah Syrocco Thalvin 2021
Smoky, silky elegance with scents of dark berries, flowers, herbs, pepper and anise. Exotic and textured, this is a deep, complex and rich wine with wild fruit (black and red raspberries and plums) along with black pepper and a long finish with great tannins.

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Zorah Karasi Yeghegnadzo 2020
Aromas include ripe red cherry, black cherry and plum and a whiff of pink peppercorn, and bergamont. The palate is soft and bright with juicy red fruit of pomegranates, red currants and cherry. The palate also has light black tea, thyme, with potentially light oak influence. You could drink this lighter-bodied wine slightly chilled or as a great affordable alternative to Gamay!

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Pasaeli House Red 2022


This is a great aperitif! Fragrant with spicy fresh currant juice. The palate is pure, dry and fresh with pomegranate and cherry with the just right fruitiness with the bubbles. If you like Lambrusco, you will like this!

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C. Cassis Spritz CAN NV


A fruity nose of lime and melon with bold hints of fennel, white pepper and allspice. The flavors gravitate to ripe cantaloupe and anise while the minerality from the soft water is evident in the finish. This vibrant showstopper is beautifully soft and feminine, brewed by one of Japan's only female brewery owners and tojis. Brewed in Hiroshima, the birthplace of Ginjo sake, which is known for remarkably soft water that requires expert skill to use in sake production. Once mastered, it enables a highly controlled, precise fermentation, resulting in vibrant fruit aromas. This Junmai Ginjo is bottled immediately without charcoal filtering.

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Fukucho Moon on the Water Junmai Sake

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Classic notes of juniper and cucumber with fresh lemon but delivery some white tropical fruits. The palate has some sweetness naturally from the honey but also black pepper, cardamom and finishes creamy.

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Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill Gin
From Producer: Bushmills Original is a smooth and versatile triple distilled blend. An approachable whiskey which has been matured in both bourbon and sherry casks resulting in fresh fruit and vanilla notes.

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Bushmills Irish Whiskey 375 ml
From Producer: Silky with a subtle sweet and spicy finish.

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Suntory Whisky Toki
On the front of the palate is a generous amount of juniper, the mid-palate has a sustained, fresh citrus character with lemon, bitter orange and coriander, with licorice and nutmeg.

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Portobello Road Gin
Impeccably clean and undeniably mixable, Singani 63 is a 500-year-old Bolivian spirit distilled from Muscat of Alexandria grapes high in the Andes

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Singani 63 Brandy Bolivia
A very aromatic grape brandy from Chile, this smells like coconut, apricot pit, white grapes and some sweet mint. This is quite versatile and could be used in replacement of vodka. The palate is spicy and racy on the beginning but soon soothes to be vanilla, slightly sweet on the end but with some lemon on the finish.

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Caravedo Quebranta Pisco
This intriguing rum is from the tiny Denominacion de Origen of Charanda in Michoacan, Mexico. It is a 50/50 blend of molasses distilled on a column still and fresh cane juice from a copper pot still. The sugar cane varietal, Saccharum Officinarum, is grown at 4180 feet above sea level in the red-colored volcanic soils of Uruapan, the village most associated with Charanda rums. This is wonderfully smooth, rich, and a touch funky with hints of mint and almond. A delicious alternative to Rum from the Caribbean!

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Charanda Uruapan Blanco Rum
Aromatics of black pepper, white flowers, white fruits and cotton lead into a spicy, lifted, herbal gin with notes of mint, balsam and juniper balanced by a beautiful, smooth texture and a sweet, peppery finish. This is delicious and exudes personality.

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Kyro Gin
Deep and spicy with notes of caramelized apples, apricots, maple and dark chocolate. The finish is spicy and malty with sweet cinnamon and vanilla notes. When you want a warm and comforting rum, this complex sipper is just the ticket.

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Foursquare Indelible Rum
This elegant 23-year aged rum offers flavors of apricot, orange, butterscotch, vanilla, caramel, nutmeg and baking spice. Complex, refined and intense, but not heavy or overly sweet. A delightful sipping rum!

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Panama-Pacific Exposicion Rum
This delicious rum is fragrant with coffee bean and white chocolate notes. On the palate, it gives white flavors like white chocolate, vanilla, custard cream and white pepper. This is soft and rounded, has a creamy sweetness and is a terrific value for its fragrance and flavor. Try it with a pina colada or mojito or just sip on its own.

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Cihuatan Jade White Rum
Aromas of toasted barley, coriander, coconut, linen and vanilla. On the palate the alcohol is well-integrated with a hint of sweetness. Silky, clean with a marshmallow finish.

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Hwanggeum Bori White Label Soju
Caramel and dark rustic maple with peach notes. The sweet malt and apricot mix with baking spice and the same peachiness on the palate.

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GlenAllachie 8 ys. Speyside NV
This is like drinking a cold brew coffee with some creaminess but has a pleasant bitterness and would do well with an ice cube.

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Post Meridiem Espresso Martini CAN