Marcel Deiss Complantation Blanc 2019

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Tasting Notes

This aromatic, full-bodied white is both deliciously complex and delicately balanced. A bouquet of white flowers, succulent peach, and pineapple open on the nose. The breadth and density of the palate includes honeysuckle, ginger, grilled peach, caramelized bosc pear and tarte tatin, balanced by the richness of a leesy influence. This ripe, creamy blend from Marcel Deiss of the Alsation terroir is delicious and has much to offer.


The Alsace region of France is an area well known for its white wines, Gewürztraminer and Riesling in particular.  Because of its history of Germanic influence, it is the only region in France to produce mostly varietally-labeled wines.  The geography of the wine growing area in Alsace is influenced by two main factors, the Vosges Mountains in the west and the Rhine River in the east.  The region is mainly dry and sunny because of the westerly winds and the rain shadow produced by the adjacent mountains.  Soils vary in this region but the bottles used don’t.  In fact, there is a legal requirement for bottling Alsace wine in tall bottles commonly referred to as flutes.

Jean-Michel Deiss has always been a trailblazer. He inherited one of Alsace’s gems, the Schoenenbourg vineyard., to find that it was an old field blend, or “co-plantation”, instead of any single variety. He quickly realized that this was the missing link in his quest for terroir expression and replanted every one of his top vineyards to such blends. Ever since Jean-Michel took over this historic domaine in 1981, he has been known as a passionate man. Under his stewardship, he installed organic farming practices, before switching to biodynamics in 1998, eventually becoming one of the region’s loudest proponents of the practice. Now with his son Mathieu leading the domaine, with his father at his side, this domaine is reaching new heights with absolutely stunning wines that show off the old-vine magic of the beautiful rolling hills of Bergheim.

This wine is a field blend of the 13 grape varieties allowed in the appellation all certified biodynamic. Vines were planted between 1980 and 2010 at a density of 8,000 vines per hectare. After hand-harvest the grapes are fermented with indigenous yeast and aged in stainless steel for 12 months.  There is zero sulfur added during the winemaking or bottling.

Food Pairing Suggestions

Brunch Foods, Charcuterie, Cheese, Chicken/Turkey, Cream Sauce Pasta, East Asian (Chinese/Japanese/Korean), Fish (white), Fish-full flavored (salmon/tuna), Grilled preparations, Hors d'oeuvres, Indian Food, Just for Cocktailing, Lobster & Crab, Mushrooms, Perfect Aperitif , Roasted Root Vegetables, Shellfish, Spicy Food, Sushi, Tapas

France, Alsace
Grape Varietal:
Gewürztraminer, Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Riesling
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$26.50 each