Fuhrgassl-Huber Ried Neuberg 68 Gemischter Satz 2018

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Tasting Notes

This aromatic blend shows ripe and even exotic fruits such as fully ripe nectarines, mandarin orange and kumquats. It is opulent, elegant, harmonious and complex. Medium weight or slightly more with medium acid and a persistent orchard fruit finish.

This wine is a good partner with medium weight seafood such as cod loin, halibut, clams, scallops or shrimp. You could also pair it with a lemon-herb roasted chicken, turkey or pork schnitzel. A range of cheese would work well, as would simple olive oil-based pastas and fresh vegetables with dips.

Gemischter Satz means “mixed set” in German and refers to a “field blend” wine that comes from the vineyards around Vienna, Austria. Grapes may be a combination of up to 20 varieties harvested on the same day and co-fermented. In a typical blend, different varieties are fermented separately and blended after fermentation and aging which allows the winemaker to adjust the proportions and balance at the end of the process. In contrast, in making Germischter Satz, grapes are put into the same vat at the very beginning of the process to ferment together. Since different grapes have different ripening times, this creates another consideration to the process--on harvest day, some grape varieties may be overripe and others be underripe. This factor creates complexity.


These wines can be a little rounder and denser than those made solely with Austria’s signature white grape, Gruner Veltliner, yet they have the same freshness, brightness and minerality.


The foundation walls of this property go back to 1683. As early as 1781, the property passed to the ancestors of the current owner. The sustainably-farmed vineyards comprise 94 acres, some overlooking the city of Vienna. Various family restaurants, heurigers (homey-style wine gardens) and bed and breakfasts are owned by the members of the family. Thomas Huber directs the winery.

Food Pairing Suggestions

Brunch Foods, Charcuterie, Cheese, Chicken/Turkey, Cream Sauce Pasta, East Asian (Chinese/Japanese/Korean), Fish (white), Fondue, Green Salads, Grilled preparations, Hors d'oeuvres, Indian Food, Just for Cocktailing, Perfect Aperitif Wine, Shellfish, Spicy Food, Sushi, Tapas, Thai or Vietnamese, Vegetables

Austria , Vienna
$28.50 each