Fableist Pinot Noir 2018

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Tasting Notes


The Fableist Wine Company of Paso Robles, California  is a collaboration between winemakers Curt Schalchlin and Andrew Jones. Curt, owner and vintner of the heralded winery Sans Liege, is known for his critically acclaimed Rhône varietal wines. Andrew, winemaker of Field Recordings, spends his days planning and planting vineyards and has stood foot in just about every vineyard on the Central Coast. Together, they produce The Fableist, a collaboration that gives special attention to the craft and story behind each wine.

The Pinot Noir fruit is sourced from seven different vineyards: Costa De Oro, Jack Creek, Quinta Del Mar, Vineyard Library, Talley Rincon, Spanish Springs, Topotero. The wine is aged for nine months in 10% new French oak and 90% neutral barrels.

Fableist wines are inspired by Aesop’s fables-- this one by the fable of the spider and the silkworm. When time spins swiftly and the temptation to rush arises, heed The Fableist’s warning: quick and shoddy work begets little praise, while time spent in pursuit of quality and craftsmanship endures and delights.


On the nose, this gives red cherry, plums and spiced plum aromas. It is medium weight, redolent of plums, red and black cherry juice and integrated cinnamon and mulling spices. This is elegant, fresh, clean and bright with fine to medium tannins and moderate acidity. A wine with good finesse.


Grilled salmon and tuna are excellent choices for this Pinot Noir. You can also enjoy it with roasted duck, venison or lamb chops. This grape can handle spicy food, so try it with flank steak fajitas, chili or Asian dishes.

Food Pairing Suggestions

Charcuterie, Duck, Fish-full flavored (salmon/tuna), Ham, Wild Game

California , Central Coast
Grape Varietal:
Pinot Noir
$26.00 each