Donnhoff Roxheimer Hollenpfad 2017

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Tasting Notes

From the Producer: Roxheimer Höllenpfad (red sandstone) was acquired in 2010, a vineyard with a strong connection to the family; Helmut’s brother-in-law farmed this vineyard, making wine under the Gutleuthof label. Höllenpfad, which means literally “path to hell” is a steep, south-facing side valley of the Nahe.

The soils here are Rotliegend (middle Permian sandstone) and decompose to produce sandy topsoil. This is a very rare soil type in the Nahe, similar soil to Kastanienbusch in the Süd-Pfalz and the Roter Hang of Nierstein in Rheinhessen. The name may originate from the red soil or the steep, south-facing aspect.

Dönnhoff produces two wines from this site, the 1er Cru or Erste Lage called Höllenpfad Trocken is the dry wine not from the center Grosse Lage (Grand Cru) section of this beautiful vineyard in Roxheim. While the vineyard is south facing, the Höllenpfad trocken is cool in tone, showing a green herbal character that might remind you of fresh, sweet kitchen herbs.

Höllenpfad Im Mühlenberg is a special site within the larger Höllenpfad vineyard. This is the center and steepest section of the vineyard and classified as Grosse Lage or Grand Cru. From this vineyard, Dönnhoff produces the Im Müllenberg GG, first bottled in 2017. The GG wine has more of everything that the “normal” Höllenpfad possesses while maintaining the particular texture of the site. It is at finely knit and detailed but with a depth and length that is unmistakable. It is not a charmer, like the wines from Bad Kreuznach, showing a stiffer, firmer structure.

Food Pairing Suggestions

Chicken/Turkey, East Asian (Chinese/Japanese/Korean), Fish (white), Hors d'oeuvres, Indian Food, Mexican, Spicy Food, Thai or Vietnamese

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